Welcome to the Plastics and Chemistry Cluster

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Cluster Spokesman's Welcoming Address

Brandenburg's state government has documented its strong commitment to the plastics and rubber processing and chemical industries and their importance to the state. The cluster includes all enterprises from the industries mentioned above. In addition, all research facilities with activities in the fields of plastics/chemistry, all associations and networks with partners from these industries, the chambers and the administration are invited to contribute to the work of the cluster. 


Internationalisation as a Strategic Goal

It is the central objective of the Joint Innovation Strategy of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg (innoBB) to help businesspeople and scientists in the German capital region to strengthen and enhance their competitive position internationally. 


Economic Development in the State of Brandenburg

Brandenburg's state government focuses economic development on nine strong clusters. One of them is the Plastics and Chemistry Cluster. The cluster management supports its development, and the cluster spokesperson represents it in public. 15 regional centres of growth are of special significance.