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Welcome to the Plastics and Chemistry Cluster

Cluster Spokesman's Welcoming Address

Brandenburg's state government has documented its strong commitment to the plastics and rubber processing and chemical industries and their importance to the state.

The cluster includes all enterprises from the industries mentioned above. In addition, all research facilities with activities in the fields of plastics/chemistry, all associations and networks with partners from these industries, the chambers and the administration are invited to contribute to the work of the cluster.

The activities in the cluster are intended to improve the networking of players and to support the development of the companies. This also applies to intensifying cooperation along the value chain, meant to strengthen the market position of each partner.

Open communication among various partners is the basis for lively discussion of experience. Cooperation is sought with companies, research facilities and associations based in the region as well as suitable partners at home and abroad.

It is the goal of the cluster to improve the economic environment for competitiveness, strengthen Brandenburg's position as a business location, and give a boost to the entire state. We can achieve this goal together.

Yours, Jürgen Fuchs

About the Cluster

The Brandenburg Plastics and Chemistry Cluster includes companies, networks, scientific and educational facilities, economic development organisations and businesspeople, scientists, politicians and administrators who are jointly committed to advancing the industry as a strong pillar of Brandenburg's economic structure.

It is not sufficient for survival as a company in the plastics, rubber, and chemical industries just to offer high-quality and durable products at favourable prices. In addition, networking within the entire industry, value creation chains and constant utilisation of existing know-how in relevant scientific institutions are essential for long-term success.
Therefore, focused cluster activities are intended to improve networking among players within the cluster and beyond, to support knowledge and technology transfer, and to generate added value for all parties involved.

The cluster focuses on measures that support internationalisation, secure recruitment of skilled workforce, and ensure optimum outbound logistics to regional and supra-regional markets. PR activities are aimed at improving the visibility of cluster performance and capacity for innovation and competence of players.

As a result of the high level of integration of a large number of companies in the chemical-and-plastics industries with significant branches of industry such as medical engineering/pharmaceuticals, energy technology, information and communications technology, optics, automotive engineering and others, there are many interfaces with clusters shared with the State of Berlin. More opportunities for the cluster and a high potential for innovation that can be tapped by interdisciplinary and cross-cluster cooperation can be found in the cross-cutting issues of materials and clean technologies.
All activities of the cluster are aimed at safeguarding Brandenburg as a business location and increasing its appeal.

The cluster spokesperson represents the cluster externally. The cluster management team supports the implementation of the activities. A Strategic Advisory Council advises on strategic orientation of the cluster.

The most important information about the cluster has been compiled in a cluster flyer. You can find it in the download section on the right.

Strategic Advisory Council

Gruppenfoto Treffen Cluster Kunststoffe und Chemie

Chairman of the Advisory Council:
Dr. Karl Heinz Tebel
BASF Schwarzheide GmbH
Chairman of the Managing Board
Cluster Spokesman

Prof. Dr. Monika Bauer
Fraunhofer Research Institution for Polymeric Materials and Composites PYCO

Heinz-Michael Ehrlich
Association of German Engineers (VDI), Berlin-Brandenburg district chapter
Working Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Fink
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP)

Martin Fuchs
PAS Deutschland GmbH
Authorized Signatory / Plant Manager

Jochen Henke
POLYSAX - Plastics Training Centre, Bautzen
Chairman of the Board

Thomas König
Motzener Kunststoff- und Gummiverarbeitung GmbH
Managing Director

Dr. Paul Kriegelsteiner
Association of the German Chemical Industry, North-Eastern section
Managing Director

Dr. Wolfgang Krüger
Cottbus Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)
Executive Director

Petra Reinbold-Knape
Trade Union for the Mining, Chemistry and Energy Sectors (IG BCE) / North-Eastern district

Head of District:
Wolfgang Weigt
NORKUN - North German Plastics Network
Network Manager

The Strategic Advisory Council is composed of representatives from companies, associations, networks, employers and employees, and research facilities and it supports the steering committee that steers the cluster strategically. It uses its various network relations to strengthen the transfer of technology and knowledge among cluster players. Its interdisciplinary structure enables the Advisory Council to include various players from the region and beyond in the cluster process.