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Services provided by the Cluster

Cooperation forum

In Brandenburg, the scientific and economic communities are in close cooperation with each other. A groundbreaking system comprised of transfer and industry networks creates extraordinary cooperation opportunities for your business. We will assist you and help you find the right research partner for your innovation project!

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Partners in the Cluster

As a business and institution (chamber, network, higher education institution etc.) in the Cluster Food Industry, you have the opportunity to register for the “Cluster Partner Emblem”.

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Brandenburg Invest’s services

Brandenburg Invest offers comprehensive services covering all the issues related to the fields of economy and labour; they range from consulting services for businesses wanting to settle in Brandenburg or wishing to expand a business location through an expansion investment all the way to support for technology projects or assistance during the search for motivated skilled employees. Brandenburg Invest’s sector and regional experts are happy to answer all the questions that might arise and their services are free of charge.

This also encompasses consulting services with regard to entering new markets, advice on the efficient use of energy and the providing of tips on suitable further education opportunities for employed persons. Brandenburg Invest is present on site through its network of five regional centres located throughout Brandenburg. Through its close cooperation with the Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg, the chambers and other organisations acting as economic development agencies it grants you access to a competent and efficient network ensuring your success in your undertakings. Feel free to contact us!

We are happy to serve you whenever you need our consulting services and support! Brandenburg Invest wants to make sure that the cooperation with you will be long-lasting and built on trust. We see ourselves as a “one-stop agency” for your business. At Brandenburg Invest you will get all of the services from a single source.

You can find all of the service packages provided by Brandenburg Invest in our >> Media library

Services provided by the economic development agencies of the counties and cities with district status

The Cluster strategy provides a platform in the framework of the region- and sector-related funding policy of the state of Brandenburg, on which the profile of the existing cooperation between the economic development agencies of the state and the counties or cities with district status can be raised.

This cooperation aims at providing specifically tailored support for the regional focus areas of the Cluster through measures, which, in turn, aim at

  • supporting the Mittelstand
  • strengthening the innovative capabilities of businesses and
  • expanding the industrial basis

In light of the dwindling funds granted by the federal government and the EU and in light of the challenges posed by demographic change, the 15 “Regional Growth Areas”, which have been established in 2005, will be of particular importance. The overall 26 cities and municipalities with a special economic or scientific potential and a predetermined minimum number of inhabitants are supposed to exert influence on their immediate surroundings. Under the heading “Joining Forces – Strong for the Future” the former fields of competence of the sectors are being further developed into Clusters.

These are the most active “Regional Growth Areas” within the Cluster Plastics and Chemistry:

Recruitment of skilled employees

Well-qualified skilled employees are vital to successful corporate development. Brandenburg is rich in varied services and measures aimed at the successful recruitment of employees, their specific further education and retention in businesses.


One central goal of the Cluster strategy consists of helping the economic and scientific communities of Brandenburg to strengthen their competitiveness at the international level. With this goal in mind, all the activities are geared towards international growth markets, technological development and cooperation opportunities.

The businesses and research institutes of Brandenburg have already made a variety of international contacts and established cooperative relations. Based on these contacts and relations, the Cluster Food Industry continues to develop systematic network relations and strategic partnerships with other European and non-European players.

In order to do so, it is important to involve international partners in the Cluster’s projects.