Networks, Chambers and Associations

In Brandenburg, the activities of the plastics association Kunststoff-Verbund Brandenburg Berlin KuVBB e.V. make a decisive contribution towards connecting businesses and scientific institutions in the field of plastics. Additionally, at the cross-state level a close cooperation has been established with the Cluster Chemistry/Plastics Central Germany as well as with the Central European Chemical Network (CeChemNet).

Chambers of commerce, sector and business associations, trade unions and other stakeholders offer a broad variety of services that are actively supporting the development of chemistry and plastics businesses in the state of Brandenburg.

Arbeitgeber- und Wirtschaftsverband der Kunststoff Verarbeitenden Industrie in Berlin und Brandenburg e.V. (AKB) (Link to German website)

The employers’ and trade association of the plastics processing industry in Berlin and Brandenburg, AKB, represents the economic and socio-political interests of highly specialised businesses of the plastics processing industry in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg.

BVP Berlin-Brandenburgischer Verband für Polymerforschung

Berlin’s and Brandenburg’s association for polymer research, BVP, unites over 30 working groups and departments of universities and of extramural research institutes, businesses as well as some corresponding members that all focus on polymer research; their main goal is to foster, coordinate and systematically advance polymer research and the co

CeChemNet Central European Chemical Network

CeChemNet is a network that transcends individual locations and sites and unites six chemistry industrial parks in central Germany. Project partners are the chemical companies of the chemistry centres Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Leuna, Schkopau/Böhlen, Zeitz and Schwarzheide.

Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Cottbus, Frankfurt/Oder, Potsdam)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cottbus is the statutory self-governing body of the business community in the district Cottbus. The state has delegated tasks to the Chamber, which it fulfils autonomously.

Chambers of Craft Trades (Cottbus, Frankfurt/Oder, Potsdam)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cottbus is the statutory self-governing body of the business community in the district Cottbus. The state has delegated tasks to the Chamber, which it fulfils autonomously.

Cluster Chemistry/Plastics Central Germany (Link to German website)

The Cluster Chemistry/Plastics Central Germany was created in 2003. It is a platform for cross-state cooperation between Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia and was launched by the industry.

FIRM e.V. (Link to German website)

FIRM is a network that puts a considerable focus on regional project development and technology transfer; its umbrella institution is the society for supporting the innovative region Central Brandenburg “Gesellschaft zur Förderung der innovativen Region Mittelbrandenburg e.V.”.

German Association of the Plastics Converters (GKV)

The association GKV is the umbrella organisation of the German plastics converting industry. As an umbrella organisation it brings together and represents the common interests of its member organisations and gives them a joint voice that speaks to politicians and the public.

IG BCE Berlin-Mark Brandenburg (Link to German website)

The district Berlin-Mark Brandenburg is the largest district of the IG BCE in terms of its area, which spans over 48,000 km² and makes it larger than Switzerland; it encompasses the states Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg without Lusatia – three federal states that differ in their industrial structure and economic developmen

Kunststoff-Verbund Brandenburg Berlin KuVBB e.V. (Link to German website)

The plastics association Kunststoff-Verbund Brandenburg Berlin stands for cooperation, qualification and public relations work; it focuses on all the interested parties within the sector and entertains contacts with other networks and relevant political bodies.

NORKUN (Link to German website)

The plastics network of northern Germany, NORKUN, is a technology-oriented network and its purpose lies in the field of the production, processing and application of plastics; in this field it is supposed to foster international cooperation and collaboration in the federal states in the north of Germany between the fields of research, developmen

PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V.

The German part of the pan-European organisation PlaticsEurope, the association PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V., is the association of the plastics manufacturers in Germany.

POLYKUM e.V. (Link to German website)

Very early on, the state of Saxony-Anhalt boasted a stable series of sector networks owing to the region’s important, traditional and well-established local chemical and plastics industry; these networks exert an influence on Brandenburg as well.

PolymerMat e.V.

The association PolymerMat e.V. is a network that unites the interests of the companies of the plastics industry in Thuringia. It serves as a platform for collaborations among businesses of the plastics sector; it focuses on innovations and the implementation of new technological excellence in the plastics sector. PolymerMat e.V.

POLYSAX (Link to German website)

The association and, at the same time, education centre for plastics POLYSAX - Bildungszentrum Kunststoffe Bautzen e.V. is an initiative by the business community and by industry-focused institutions.

The Association of German Engineers, Regional Association Berlin-Brandenburg

The Association of German Engineers represents engineers and the field of technology. It has 150,000 members from all over Germany and therefore it is the largest association in the field of technology and natural sciences in Europe.

VDI Berlin-Brandenburg, Work Group Plastics Technology

The Work Group wants to show engineers the diversity in the field of plastics (their production, processing and applications) and to support them in their everyday challenges.